Post-surgery pain is normal and to be expected, but steps can be taken to minimize or eliminate it.

Post-surgery pain is normal but several factors determine how much pain you will have. For instance, different types of surgeries and surgical incisions produce different types of pain afterward. A longer and more invasive surgery, besides causing pain, can “take more out of you.”

Recovering from these other effects of surgery can make it harder to deal with the pain. Not to mention, each person feels and reacts to pain differently. Good pain control, allowing you to get up and move around, is important because it lowers your risk of blood clots in your legs or lungs, as well as lung and urinary infections. Also, you will have a shorter hospital stay so that you go home sooner, where you are likely to recover more quickly.

post-surgery pain

It is your responsibility after surgery to tell your doctors and nurses when you are having pain and if the medicines you are receiving control your pain. Schedule your appointment today!