Neural therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which local anesthetic is injected into certain locations of the body in an attempt to treat chronic pain and illness.

Neural therapy is a method of diagnosing and treating illness and pain caused by disturbances of the body’s electrophysiology. These electrical disturbances, called “interference fields,” are manifestations of cell membrane instability and typically trigger abnormal autonomic nervous system responses. Interference fields may be found in scars, autonomic ganglia, teeth, internal organs or other locations where local tissue irritation exists. Interference fields are not rare. In fact they can be found in a substantial portion of patients in any medical practice, and in particular the practice of orthopaedic medicine. They should be looked for in any condition where the autonomic nervous system is involved, which includes most pain syndromes.


A correctly administered neural therapy injection can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic long standing illness and chronic pain.


In some cases, response to treatment of an interference field is temporary. However, even a very short response is encouraging and indicates that neural therapy should be attempted again. Each time an interference field is treated, there should be a longer response. Treatment is then repeated until it is no longer required.

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