Migraines can cause significant pain for hours to days and be so severe that all you can think about is finding a dark, quiet place to lie down.

Migraine headaches range from moderate to severe pain. Many migraine headache sufferers feel pain on only one side of their head, while some experience pain on both sides. A migraine feels like a pulsating or throbbing sensation and may worsen with physical activity, hindering regular daily activities. Nausea with or without vomiting is common. Also, sensitivity to light and sound is present. Some migraine headaches are preceded or accompanied by sensory warning symptoms (aura), such as flashes of light, blind spots, or tingling in your arm or leg.

Migraines can’t be cured, but doctors will work with you to help you manage your condition. A variety of medications have been specifically designed to treat migraines. In addition, some drugs commonly used to treat other conditions also may help relieve or prevent migraines.

migraine headaches

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